Sunday Treat Originals: Sliced Bread, a Short Comedy Film

August 14, 2023
Gulliver Moore

After completing my studies at Bournemouth University in 2013, I entered the world of commercials and branded content as a director. Since then, my colleague Oli Clubb and I established our production company, Sunday Treat, having recognized our shared passion for crafting enjoyable content. Our commitment to "Find the Fun" remains unchanged from our earlier days as freelancers. We've continued our tradition of creating self-funded comedy content alongside our client projects.

Sliced Bread is the most recent endeavour under our "Sunday Treat Originals" projects. This delightfully absurd short film envisions a reality where the concept of sliced bread never existed. Our aim with this project was to utilise a montage style often seen in modern advertisements, aiming to incorporate many scenes within the shortest format possible.

Oli and I crafted the script, and once finalised, we harnessed the power of our connections to assist us during the filmmaking process. While some shoots were simple, involving only Oli, myself, and an additional person, others demanded comprehensive efforts, spanning entire days with an extensive crew, numerous actors, and several extras. Recognising the importance of upholding quality despite the extensive shooting agenda, we remained steadfast in pursuing the best locations and collaborating with exceptionally talented actors and crew members.

Among the notable moments, some standout instances included filming at the Tate Modern gallery for the executive boardroom and interrogation scenes. Both locations required substantial tailoring, including bringing in furniture and practical lighting alongside our camera setup and crew. The icing on the cake, however, was the breathtaking view of St. Paul's Cathedral that served as our backdrop.

The entire project incurred a sum just shy of £10,000, a substantial financial commitment for both Oli and myself. However, we perceived it as a crucial step in advocating for the comedy short film genre, keeping our creative muscles flexed and having a lot of fun along the journey.

COVID-19 presented challenges that hindered our progress, resulting in a production hiatus that lasted over a year. While this unexpected obstacle led to a postponed completion, we were patient, and in the end, the wait to do it correctly was worthwhile.

We've prepared a behind-the-scenes video that provides a glimpse behind the camera, showing the work carried out by our team of over 100 people. The video also delves into the post-production process, which mainly occurred during COVID.

A big thank you goes out to our exceptional composer, Jim Hustwit from Larp Music, and our talented sound designer, Jon Coles, who worked wonders during the post-production phase in bringing everything to life. The music composition posed a distinct challenge, requiring fluid transitions in various directions to match the evolving scene dynamics. One standout instance that comes to mind is the interrogation scene, where the music adeptly incorporates Asian motifs seamlessly, despite the constraints of a short timeframe.

I want to extend another acknowledgement to our lead actor, Ciarán Dowd, whose performance vividly illustrates how exceptional talent can elevate a project, even in a role that lasts less than a minute on screen! This sentiment holds for all our remarkable actors, many of whom we've collaborated with on prior projects. We were resolute in our determination to feature outstanding actors in every scene, regardless of its brevity, and I believe this commitment shines through brilliantly in the final edited version.

For a more in-depth look at the original content we love to create, visit our Originals page or see a selection of some of our short films below:

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- Pot Plant: The outcome of an enjoyable 24-hour film festival, portraying a couple's efforts to address relationship challenges stemming predominantly from the husband's tendency to transform into a potted plant whenever he's nervous.

So, what lies ahead? Our London video production company thrives on a foundation of creative exploration. We are dedicated to our ongoing Sunday Treat Originals initiatives to keep our creativity alive. If you are a comedy writer or director, please get in touch to see how we can work together

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