Sunday Treat Director Gulliver Moore and Creative Partners Oliver Clubb with the team, friends and family on location


We came up from the indie filmmaking scene and have always been committed to producing our own original, self-funded content. Sunday Treat Originals allows us to experiment as a team and flex our creative muscles. We’ve been lucky enough to win a string of awards for our short films from a number of international festivals.

'Sliced Bread' original video

Sliced Bread

The comedy tone of Sliced Bread epitomises our humour and style and Sunday Treat. Set in a world in which sliced bread was never invented, this fun, quirky short imagines what would happen in a 21st century world if it suddenly was. Winner of awards and having earned Official Selection in over 25 festivals, this is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

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'Small Town Politics' original video

Small Town Politics

Inspired by the director Gulliver's brother, youngest mayor in the country aged 21 in his tenure... Small Town Politics plays on the frustrations of differing political views within typical small towns all across the country. Featuring the incredible Liz Kingsman alongside a stellar supporting cast, the project was shot on location in Frome, Somerset and was aired on Sky Arts. Gulliver was interviewed on Sky news about the impact the series made, airing in a time of complex modern politics in an increasingly divided world. Watch all of the Small Town Politics episodes here. Watch all of the Small Town Politics episodes here.

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'Lucky Chicken' original video

Lucky Chicken

Directed by Gulliver Moore, Produced by Nick Coupe and the Director of Photography was Oliver Clubb. 

A romantic fantasy filmed entirely without dialogue, "Lucky Chicken" is a quirky modern-day fairy tale about a butcher, baker and candlestick maker, set in the charming town of Frome. Based on the award winning script by Matthew Stallworthy and accompanied by an elegant score by Jim Hustwit Lucky Chicken enchants viewers of all ages with it’s wit and whimsey.

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