5 of the Best Locations in London to Shoot Your Video

January 19, 2024

Few places in the world offer as much variety in locations as London. This mega-metropolis provides everything you might need for filming, from historical settings with architecture that harks back to centuries of history to modern urban landscapes that reflect the city's constant evolution.

Action, suspense, horror, and mystery scenes can be filmed in the city's numerous hidden alleys. Industrial areas can be used for post-apocalyptic or dystopian settings, as well as for police productions.

The royal parks, such as Regent's Park and Kensington Gardens, are perfect for filming that requires a rustic setting or for mimicking the countryside. Meanwhile, areas like South Bank and Canary Wharf are at the other extreme, offering an urban and even futuristic backdrop, thanks to their skyscrapers and contemporary architecture.

The charm of traditional neighbourhoods like Notting Hill, with their colourful houses and street markets, should not be underestimated. These places provide a more intimate and personal atmosphere, capturing the essence of local London life. They are great for comedies and family dramas. Places like Leadenhall Market and St. Paul's Cathedral can be used to transport the viewer to other centuries, a time when life was slower yet still exciting.

And there's more! Brick Lane and East London are full of street art, independent fashion, and a young and vibrant culture. These places are ideal for creative projects that seek to capture the energy and diversity of an alternative lifestyle.

Why Does London Attract So Many Filmmakers?

Besides the immense diversity of scenarios, there's another reason why London attracts so many filmmakers: its enviable infrastructure and logistical advantages. The city is home to some of the world's most prestigious production companies and video agencies, and is exceptionally well-equipped with talented professionals and the latest equipment.

The city's extensive public transport network, including the London Underground, buses, and trains, facilitates the transportation of crews, equipment, and cast. Additionally, London's international airports offer convenient connections for international cast and crew.

Companies that choose to film in London also benefit from various incentives the city council offers. Film London, the city's film and media agency, assists with permits and can provide information on filming regulations, reducing the burden of bureaucracy. This allows teams to start work quickly, shortening deadlines and lowering costs. There are also financial incentives offered both by the city and the UK government through reductions in fees and taxes.

Where To Shoot Your Film In London

Here are some key London locations ideal for different types of film productions.

The London Eye from the River Thames

The South Bank And The River Thames

Home to some of London's most famous landmarks, such as the London Eye, the National Theatre, and the Tate Modern, the South Bank and the River Thames provide instantly recognisable backdrops that can add significant visual appeal and a sense of location to a film.

The South Bank offers a mix of modern and historic architecture. The contemporary design of the London Eye or the Shard contrasts beautifully with the historic elements like County Hall. The Thames itself is a dynamic element, offering opportunities for scenes on or near the water. The river adds a sense of openness and movement, which can be visually striking.

The picturesque settings along the river are perfect for romantic scenes. If your production contains chase sequences or dramatic confrontations, the bridges and riverbanks offer striking locations.

Parts of the South Bank retain historical elements that can be used for period pieces, especially those set in the 20th century. Given its rich cultural and historical significance, the area is also suitable for documentaries about London.

The City Of London

The City of London, a historic financial district, is all about contrasts. After all, where else could you combine, in the same scene, a spectacular 17th-century Anglican church, like St. Paul's Cathedral, with modern skyscrapers like the Gherkin (30 St Mary Axe) and the Walkie-Talkie (20 Fenchurch Street)? Moreover, landmarks like the Bank of England and the Royal Exchange offer grand, old-world settings that can add gravitas and a sense of heritage to films. The area is perfect for movies that revolve around business or corporate themes, providing a realistic backdrop.

The mix of old and new architecture, along with the City's dense urban layout, makes it an excellent location for high-energy action sequences and spy thrillers. At the same time, certain areas, with their preserved historical architecture, are suitable for shooting period dramas. Moreover, the futuristic look of some parts of The City can be used to terrific effect in science fiction films, especially those depicting a near-future or alternate reality.

Houses of Parliament in London, UK


Westminster is capable of giving an air of sobriety and severity to any production. It is home to some of London's most famous and recognisable landmarks, such as the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, and Downing Street. The area is synonymous with British politics and history, making it ideal for films that evoke a sense of authority, tradition, and national identity. With its stunning gothic architecture and historical grandeur, this area offers a majestic and timeless setting.

As the UK's political heart, this area is a natural choice for films focusing on political intrigue, governmental affairs, and historical political events. Its historical architecture and streets are ideal for period dramas set in various eras of British history. Westminster is also a perfect location for documentaries about British history, politics, and society. The iconic nature of the landmarks and the area's association with power make it a fitting backdrop for high-stakes action and espionage films.

The Royal Parks

Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Richmond Park, and Kensington Gardens provide idyllic settings, blending natural beauty, historical features, and vast open spaces. These parks are favoured for their accessibility and serene contrast to the city's urban landscape. Many house historical monuments, statues, and buildings like Kensington Palace or the Regent's Park Open Air Theatre.

The changing seasons offer different visual palettes, from the vibrant greens of summer to the golden hues of autumn, providing varied aesthetic options throughout the year. These settings are excellent for romantic strolls, picnics, or comedic encounters. The parks' natural beauty and relative tranquillity can create magical, fairy-tale-like settings, ideal for fantasy narratives or children's stories.

However, bear in mind that, as protected areas, there are restrictions to ensure the conservation of the parks' natural environments.

Colourful Houses in Notting Hill, London

Suburban Areas

Suburban areas of London, such as Richmond, Hampstead, Notting Hill, and Greenwich, provide a glimpse into the city's everyday life and diverse cultures. Each suburb has its own architectural charm, from the Victorian and Edwardian houses of Richmond to the bohemian streets of Notting Hill.

The residential nature of these areas is well suited for films focusing on family life, relationships, and community stories, as well as for narratives centred around growing up, school life, and teenage experiences.

The quieter streets and the unique character of these neighbourhoods can provide an excellent setting for thrillers and mystery films, especially those focusing on the secrets of community life or obscure local events.

Our London Video Production Company Can Help You

Whatever the type of filming you need, London is the ideal city to make it happen. Its diversity of settings, tax incentives, and logistical facilities make this metropolis, considered by many to be the world capital, stand out as one of the leading global centres for film production.

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Furthermore, our global reach allows us to understand and meet international expectations, ensuring your content is relevant and impactful in a broader context.

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