Sunday Treat Originals: Film Fund - Join Our Next Comedy Project!

July 27, 2023
Gulliver Moore

We firmly believe that a good short film should represent the unique style of the writers and directors involved, providing a safe space and minimal risks to make the most of their skills. But what about a GREAT short film? Every person likely has a different answer, but common factors include impactful visual storytelling, strong character development and a unique concept that captures the heart and soul of every viewer, to name just a few.

Making a short film is by no means a small feat. It requires assembling the right group of people to work on the right idea, combining the team’s talent with their commitment and time. Having been directing short films since I was 13 years old, I’ve realised no other medium has helped me develop my skills, network and portfolio as much. Our London video production company is built on a positive culture that embraces growth and creative expression, and I feel there's no better way to foster this than with our Originals. We use our self-funded Sunday Treat Originals projects to give the team and emerging artists opportunities to hone their talents while having fun!

Our most recent Originals project was Sliced Bread, which envisioned a world where the glorious invention of sliced bread was never discovered. After the story’s protagonist makes the life-altering discovery himself, the world goes mad! We came up with the idea when myself and our creative director Oli discussed making a film highlighting many locations, actors and cultures in one short package. Sliced Bread was our 10th Originals project, and it earned official selection in 25 festivals. You can watch a behind-the-scenes video for a sneak preview into the filmmaking process, covering our sketchy storyboards, virtual editing process during lockdown, VFX passes, and more.

We are now looking ahead to our next Originals project and are looking to mix up the team and process and provide a voice to a different creative team.

The Brief for Our Next Originals Project

We are beginning the journey into our 11th Originals short film project and are seeking any writers or directors who might be interested. Sunday Treat will provide full production support, including network, equipment and creativity, and a budget of up to £10k.

- Scripts/treatments for comedy shorts under 3-minutes that can be about any topic
- Live-action single projects that work in a self-contained way
- Ideas could be a single conversation in grounded reality or many scenes completely off the wall
- Scripted either by yourself or great talent that you know, even if the script isn't written yet

Are you ready to make a comedy short with an enthusiastic, committed, creative team? Send your pitch or treatment with your idea to, and we look forward to discussing it!

We’re happy for you to supply your idea in whatever format you wish, whether a script, visual treatment deck or one-pager. Get in touch before the deadline of 25th August, and we’ll get back to you with our feedback. The plan is for us to produce this project this summer and your role/your network's role can be dictated by your ambitions.

Visit our Originals page to see previous projects we have worked on, from Brian Blessed getting paired with his favourite animal to the story of a magic chicken.

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