How To Make A Killer "About Us" Video

February 18, 2022

An About Us video is an incredibly common ask in the corporate video world but they can have a reputation for being dry. Therefore, it’s really important to inject some fun and visually interesting aspects to your video, keeping the viewer engaged and also putting the company’s brand values across.

Try to get there in person:

In the last year or so, virtual filming has been incredibly important for clients however when possible try to be physically present for interviews. Having a Director or Producer there in person makes the subject feel a lot less self conscious and makes directing the visuals much easier. Filming at a client’s office or even hiring a studio makes your video far more interesting and takes the pressure off the people being filmed.

Talk with a friend:

Most clients aren’t used to talking on camera which is completely understandable. If the team you’re working with would like to chat to a friend rather than down the lens, encourage them to appear in pairs and get them to ask and answer questions to each other. This will immediately set your contributors at ease and help them shake off those nerves.


Animation production is worth its weight in gold when it comes to About Us videos. It’s a really fun way to spice up the visuals as well as introduce more of your client’s brand guidelines and style. Introducing question title cards or creating a fun intro to your video amplifies your client’s brand awareness and keeps the viewer visually engaged.

Using these tips will end in a happier client and more interesting process for you also!

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