“Find the Fun” - Humour In Marketing

November 7, 2023
Gulliver Moore

"Find the Fun"

Sunday Treat was founded in 2021 and stays true to our background in indie film-making, crossing with TV, commercials and branded content. Before forming the video agency, Oliver Clubb and I always found ourselves naturally gravitating towards comedy & fun projects. So when we set up Sunday Treat, we did it through the "Find the Fun" ethos, which now applies to everything we work on.

"Find the Fun" can mean overt comedy; we are good at that, but it can also mean adding fun flourishes to projects to elevate them beyond the rest of the media landscape to grab that precious attention. Examples of this in our work include candid BTS moments, pioneering new animation techniques, or giving licence to a unique voice or perspective within the creative process.

We look through every project with the lens of "Find the Fun", but beyond our work, fun and humour have always proven a successful marketing technique in the industry at all scales of production.

Fun in Marketing

In today's multi-platform digital world, capturing the audience's attention is more challenging than ever. The primary platforms we use to distribute video content are Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and LinkedIn. This media landscape is saturated, and brands are vying for a moment in the spotlight. To create content that is not just seen but truly noticed, "fun" can serve as a secret weapon - helping to grab and hold the audience's attention in an authentic and memorable way. Fun and humour have a universal appeal. They break down barriers, create connections, and leave a lasting impression. When an audience enjoys a piece of content, they are likelier to engage with it, share it, and remember it. This is the power of fun in marketing. It transforms passive viewers into active participants, creating a buzz around the content and enhancing the campaign's overall impact.

Fun is a potent tool that transcends demographics, creating a universal language that speaks directly to the audience's emotions. When brands infuse fun and humour into their messaging, they tap into a reservoir of positive associations, fostering a sense of relatability and trust. Fun content is more likely to be shared, expanding the message's reach and creating a viral effect.

What Defines Fun?

We discussed some examples of fun content in Sunday Treat work, but fun can be anything from simple techniques to brighten up a project to some controversial opinions or actions poking fun at the status quo or even brand rivals. A recent example of fun content was a project we shot for ASDA in which we setup a branded area near an M&S car park and asked shoppers to come and blind taste test the ASDA food vs the M&S food. Much to M&S's frustration, we had hundreds of visitors and filmed them commenting on the price & quality difference, which we edited into a series of engaging films that performed well on social media with great engagement and shareability.

Another example of fun was on a recent shoot we did for the software platform Adverity, in which we interviewed a series of speakers in New York and London discussing broad marketing topics. It would have been an easy option to leave this as a simple talking heads video, but we made a fun blooper reel at the start, including setup shots, some nice animation elements, and even used generative AI to extend some of the backgrounds to create more diversity in the shots. This approach led to something that stood out from the crowd when viewed by audiences on the primary social platform of LinkedIn - totally different to the usual talking heads they were used to.


Beyond the immediate impact on audience engagement, infusing fun into our projects also plays a crucial role in shaping Sunday Treat's brand identity. We are known for our playful approach, willingness to take creative risks, and ability to bring joy to every project. This reputation helps to attract like-minded clients and collaborators, creating a virtuous cycle of creativity and fun.

At Sunday Treat, "Find the Fun" is more than just a motto; it's the lens through which we view every project and major creative decision. It influences how we approach creative development, interact with our clients, and position ourselves in the industry. Fun and humour have proven to be powerful tools in marketing, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement, using our unique approach to create content that stands out, connects with the audience, and leaves a lasting impression.

So, we will continue to find the fun in every project, elevate our content with creative flair, and build a brand identity synonymous with joy, creativity, and innovation.

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