Animation vs live action - what’s the difference?

March 29, 2022

When it comes to making a killer video, choosing your medium is incredibly important. Some information is best shown in a live-action format with real people explaining a topic or telling a story but sometimes a visual approach is best.

Live-action refers to filming actual people in a physical setting, rather than animation which is computer generated.

Many companies find that complicated information is much more digestible in animated form than a lengthy explanation from a real person. When a topic contains many moving parts we tend to suggest an animation, as a more dynamic way of disseminating information. For example, in our videos like TMAC and MyHomePlus we were able to put across a lot more information in a minute than we would have been able to had we gone down the live-action route, as we were able to use graphs and visual aids to explain the project.

Live-action on the other hand is perfect for when you want your customers or consumers to hear from a real person, whether it be their own experiences or them explaining a concept. Hearing from an actual person is perfect when creating a case study video where you want to emotionally connect with an audience. It’s also great when doing an About Us video for future employees, as hearing from people in the company directly often appeals to them more than an animated figure.

Although it may seem like a challenge, creative conception is something we excel at at Sunday Treat, please do get in touch and we can advise on whether animation or live-action is the best way forward for your project.

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