A rundown of the costs involved in a video production

August 14, 2023

Crafting captivating visual content requires more than a meticulous blend of creativity, technical expertise, and strategic planning. It also demands money. Whether you envision a short promotional clip, a documentary masterpiece, or a corporate training video, understanding the intricacies of the costs involved is essential for a successful outcome.

What you need to pay for when making a video

Video making costs can vary widely based on factors such as the type of film, its complexity, location, crew size, equipment, and post-production needs. Here's a rundown of the typical costs involved in video shooting.


Before the cameras roll and the first scene comes to life, the pre-production phase sets the foundation for every project. This initial stage involves a delicate dance of creative brainstorming, strategy, and logistical puzzle-solving. A significant portion of the budget is allocated to pre-production, as it shapes the overall direction and success of the endeavour.

Concept development takes the first spotlight. Here, the seeds of the video's story, message, and tone are sown. Brainstorming sessions light up with ideas, while scriptwriters transform concepts into compelling narratives that will resonate with the intended audience. Storyboarding follows, sketching out visual sequences that give life to the script and providing a visual roadmap for the team to follow.

But a concept needs a canvas. Location scouting is essential, involving exploring various locations for the most appropriate backdrop to the story. Costs can quickly accumulate as location fees, permits, and travel expenses come into play. The ideal setting can breathe authenticity into the project but comes at a cost.

The casting stage adds another dimension. Talent acquisition requires budgeting for fees that align with the calibre and popularity of the hired individuals.

Behind the scenes, crew preparations are in full swing. Assembling the right team is an intricate task. A director with a vision, a producer orchestrating the logistics, a cinematographer weaving visual magic, and indispensable assistants come with their price tags.

Making sense of the concept is vital, and pre-visualisation techniques step in. Creating animatics or mock-ups helps stakeholders see the film's potential, ensuring everyone's on the same page before the cameras start rolling. This creative process also requires a slice of the budget pie.

In this behind-the-scenes ballet, the pre-production stage unites the diverse threads of creativity, strategy, and practicality. It establishes the groundwork for the journey ahead, setting the tone for what's to come and shaping the budget by allocating funds to every intricate detail contributing to the final video's success.


As the script is finalised and the storyboard takes shape, the production phase bursts forth with a whirlwind of activity. Cameras, lights, and sound equipment stand ready to capture the visual symphony meticulously crafted during pre-production. While the pre-production phase sets the stage, the production brings the script's characters to life and transforms ideas into tangible moments.

The heart of production lies in its people. A skilled director orchestrates performances, a cinematographer captures the right angles, and lighting technicians sculpt the ambience. Each member, from the sound engineer to the assistants, contributes their expertise to create a seamless tapestry of sights and sounds.

Behind the scenes, equipment rental forms a significant part of the budget. The cameras, lenses, lighting gear, drones, cranes, and dollies required to capture high-quality visuals come at a price. The sophistication of the equipment directly influences the video's production value.

Location expenses often play a key role. From capturing the urban vibe of a bustling city to the tranquillity of a secluded forest, location choices shape the video's atmosphere. But gaining access to these spaces might require paying for permits, travel, and accommodation, further impacting the budget.

Props and wardrobe breathe life into the set. Whether it's period costumes for a historical piece or simple accessories that enrich the narrative, costs accumulate for sourcing or creating these elements. The visual authenticity they bring, however, is invaluable.

A production's success relies on an energetic and focused crew. Catering ensures everyone's well-being, providing the sustenance that keeps workers fuelled and spirits high during long shoot days. While seemingly small, this expense contributes to a smoother, more productive workflow.

Transport holds the logistical backbone. Safely ferrying the crew, equipment, and talent to various locations is a financial consideration that shouldn't be underestimated. It's the glue that holds the production together, ensuring everyone and everything arrives on time and in the right place.


After the final scene is shot and the cameras are packed away, the production journey transitions to the post-production phase—a realm of digital magic, where raw footage is meticulously refined into a cohesive and captivating visual story.

At the heart of post-production lies video editing. Skilled editors work their craft, weaving together the shots, scenes, and angles. Editing software and the editor's expertise come together to shape the film's pacing, narrative flow, and emotional impact. This process demands time and talent, both of which contribute to the overall cost.

Sound design and mixing take the audience's sensory experience to new heights. Sound effects, ambient noise, music, and dialogue are blended into a harmonious audio backdrop. The cost here is reflective of the specialised skills and equipment needed.

Graphics and visual effects bring the fantastical to life. From subtle text overlays to elaborate CGI sequences, this stage adds visual polish and depth to the video. The complexity of the graphics and effects, along with the expertise required, influences the financial investment.

Voiceover and music licensing contribute to the video's auditory appeal. Licensing fees for copyrighted music, as well as compensation for voice talent, factor into the post-production budget.

Rendering and exporting bring the final product to life. The film is processed, formatted, and encoded into various file types suitable for distribution across different platforms. The time and computing power required for this step contribute to the budget.

Review and feedback ensure the video aligns with the intended vision. Stakeholders, clients, or directors provide input, prompting revisions that bring the project closer to perfection. This iterative process consumes both time and resources.

Miscellaneous costs

Beyond the creative process and technical intricacies, video production is accompanied by a range of miscellaneous costs essential for ensuring a smooth and successful project.

Insurance forms a fundamental part of this category. Production is rife with variables, and accidents or mishaps can occur. Liability insurance safeguards against potential damages, offering financial protection and peace of mind for the team and any third parties involved.

Simultaneously, contingency budgeting is a strategic move that demonstrates foresight. Despite meticulous planning, unexpected changes can arise. Whether weather-related delays, last-minute script alterations, or equipment malfunctions, having a contingency fund cushions against such surprises, ensuring that the project remains on track.

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