10 excellent tips to help your video go viral on the internet

August 31, 2023

What have you watched online lately?

A) Dogs taking daring leaps into pools.

B) Celebrities finding themselves in embarrassing situations.

C) A medley of both hilarious and bad-taste pranks.

Whatever your answer, the truth is: you were infected by a viral video.

The internet is a massive landscape where these types of content can swiftly traverse continents, attaining the coveted status of virality. But what's the elusive formula that transforms an ordinary video into a global sensation in this whirlwind of online content? While no foolproof recipe exists for guaranteeing virality, a realm of strategic tactics can be employed, ready to significantly amplify the prospects of your media ascending to the heights of online acclaim.

What is viral content, and how valuable is it?

Viral media is the digital equivalent of a wildfire, spreading rapidly and extensively across the internet. It's the type of asset that captures the collective attention of online audiences, often resulting in a surge of shares, likes, comments, and views. This phenomenon is characterised by the content's exponential reach and its ability to become a topic of discussion in various online and offline conversations.

The value of viral material is multifaceted and can be profound for individuals, businesses, and creators alike. They have the potential to reach an audience far beyond what conventional marketing efforts might achieve. The sheer speed at which it spreads can introduce a creator or brand to new audiences they might never have reached otherwise.

For businesses, going viral can lead to unparalleled brand exposure. It can create a buzz around a product, service, or brand identity, boosting recognition. Popular content usually generates high levels of engagement, with viewers sharing, commenting, and discussing the asset. This activity can increase interaction with your online presence, helping foster a more active community and helping you collect more data from potential customers.

A popular hit can translate into a surge in website traffic, potentially leading to increased sales and conversions. This is particularly true if the viral content is aligned with the business' offerings.

Creating highly popular material often requires a deep understanding of a niche, topic, or trend. If you successfully capture the essence of something that resonates strongly, it can establish you or your brand as an authority in that area.

Moreover, going viral can attract the attention of influencers, collaborators, and media outlets. It leads to networking opportunities, partnerships, and media coverage that can further boost your presence.

For content creators, trending videos can lead to monetary benefits through ad revenue, sponsorships, merchandise sales, and more. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok offer monetisation options for popular creators.

Some films become so deeply ingrained in popular culture that they remain memorable and referenced for years. It can become a part of the zeitgeist, leaving a lasting impact on society.

However, it's important to note that achieving virality is unpredictable and not always sustainable. Many factors, including timing, trends, audience sentiment, and luck, contribute to a piece of content going viral. Furthermore, not all buzzworthy material serves a long-term purpose, and maintaining the momentum generated by viral success can be challenging.

Tips to create viral video content

Here are ten excellent tips to enhance the likelihood of your video achieving viral online status.

1. Compelling content: Craft a video with a solid central idea that resonates with your target audience. It could be entertaining, informative, emotional, or thought-provoking. The better your asset, the more likely people will share it.

2. Short and snappy: Keep it concise and engaging. Attention spans are often short online, so aim for a length of around 1 to 3 minutes to maintain viewer interest.

3. Unique and creative: Strive for originality. Create something that stands out from the crowd and offers a fresh perspective. Unconventional and imaginative content is more likely to capture viewers' attention.

4. Emotional appeal: Tap into emotions that resonate with your audience, whether humour, nostalgia, empathy, or inspiration. Emotional productions are shared more frequently as they create a personal connection.

5. High production quality: Excellent audio and video quality can significantly enhance the perceived value of your content. Clear visuals and sound help retain viewer interest.

6. Catchy titles and thumbnails: Craft a captivating title, and design an attention-grabbing thumbnail. These elements provide the first impression of your film and can entice viewers to click and watch.

7. Shareability: Gone are the days of limiting your content to a single platform. The internet now boasts a multitude of channels – TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and beyond – each with its own distinct audience and engagement dynamics. By embracing multiple platforms, you're expanding your reach to cater to varying demographics and preferences.

8. Strategic promotion: Spread the word about your video. Share it on your social media accounts, reach out to influencers or bloggers in your niche, and engage with relevant online communities. The initial traction can kickstart the viral spread.

9. The importance of hashtag usage: Well-chosen hashtags can illuminate your content in the vast expanse of the internet. These digital signposts can lead interested viewers straight to your film, enhancing its discoverability and increasing the chances of it going viral. When selecting hashtags, choose a mix of general and specific terms relevant to your material. This ensures that your video appears in broader category searches as well as in niche topic explorations.

10. Persistence and consistency: Persistence pays off. The path to creating trending content might not be a one-shot journey. It's often a road of trial and error, where each attempt brings you closer to that elusive spark of virality. Your follower count will likely grow as you persevere, enabling your asset to reach a wider audience and increasing your chances of hitting the popular jackpot.

Viral success isn't always guaranteed, even with the best efforts. However, by focusing on these tips and producing content that genuinely connects with your target audience, you can increase your chances of creating a video that people can't resist sharing.

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