We’ve been working with Contino for over 5 years, helping them with the challenge of recruiting and retaining talent in a competitive field where companies are vying for talent. This brand film for their recruitment processes, shows potential candidates the spaces they would be working in.

Join Us

Our first project for Contino was a recruitment film showing how Contino works, introducing their culture and how they empower their developers. They were open to trying something different from the regular and so we landed on creating a scripted film that blended humour, fun and animation to get the message across.

Sofa Sessions

Sofa Sessions was a chance for the Contino team to get to know each other a bit better, whilst promoting the companies incredible culture, benefits and career opportunities. The videos were primarily used for recruitment at a time of rapid growth for the company.

“Sunday Treat have been working with Contino for seven years and I have had the pleasure of commissioning many projects with them. The team have come to understand our business, tone of voice and objectives inside out and are particularly good at remaining flexible and working in close collaboration with our in house team for fantastic creative results.”

David Holder
Head of Marketing